Welcome to the new and improved jeffreynasers.com

Hi Everyone and welcome to my new website jeffreynasers.com. I am so excited to have this up and running and a place where I can share my journey, goals, and maybe a little advice from my experiences. After what has seemed to be a crazy few months, I am slowly, but surely getting my footing. A move to a new city, new job, and trying to navigate my way around Minneapolis has kept me on my toes.

Running and training season are in full swing. The goal is to have a summer of races. I am so excited to be running around Lake Calhoun. I LOVE being by the water. Running has become a highlight of my day for me. It is my safe place where I can escape from the world and get lost in my thoughts and ideas.


Which brings me to my blog. I am glad to be blogging again about my journey. If many of you remember my first running experience in Sioux Falls. A faceless stranger during the race encouraged me when I was beginning to lose hope and ran with me the remainder of the race. To this day, I still don’t know who he was, but he has had a lasting impact on me. I never thought that I would finish that race, but I did. I went on to run in many more. If my blog has a positive impact on anyone’s life. Then it has done its job. I believe that we have greatness within us. How are we going to set it free?


My goal to is to find that out. I am searching and trying to become the best version of myself. It seems to be  a constant journey.  This blog and website are my commitment to myself and my readers to stay on course to become the best me I can.

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